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YES CATS LOVE RAAW ENERGY TO                 Zelda is the official taste tester of Raaw Energy



Raaw Energy is most natural food you can buy for your dog. Regular dog food takes 12 hours to digest. Raw Energy only takes 3 hours. This is why, Raw meat and bone are ground fine, the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.

Your pet then gets what it really needs. You will notice a change for the better in a short time! After Detox, this is a "A CANCER STARVING DIET" it will add more lifetime to your dog! Please do some research, when you see the benefits, your dog will gain, you will be astounded, and like us and many people finding out the truth, Wishing we would have know about raw feeding many years ago.

Thawing of Raw Meat

Defrost slow. Larger 5 pound tubes may take up to 48 hrs. Hint: Feed the natural juice that escapes when defrosting it has valuable vitamins.

Feed between 2%  and  4% of your dogs body weight per day is recommended, Depending on age and activity level.    



A gradual change of foods within a 10 day period should allow for your pets digestive system to adjust. Our Medleys are designed for optimal digestion. This is a great way to get started. Feed your dog the regular food, then incorporate this process to minimize the detoxification.

1-3   25% Raw - 75% Regular Food  

4-6   50% Raw - 50%          "   "

7-9   75% Raw - 25%         "   "

Day 10  100% Raw

Interested in your own co-op?
Please send me an e-mail with your address for possible consideration.
Benefits include free food and free delivery for the host minimum order
300 pounds to start a co-op in NJ
Maximum $80 value

ABOUT the co-op delivery:


-  Food is delivered to a HOUSE no refrigeration is on location 

Pick Up of Food: 

It is your responsibility to pick up your food on the delivery date and time specified. 

Your order is unloaded by our driver and leaves to the next stop,

please allow the driver to separate and account for all orders "before you load your food into your vehicle at the time of delivery. 


Delivery Dates  Delivery Time/Your Pick Up is Usually Every 4 weeks: 

 Posted on Raaw Energy's website. 

 (Deliveries are the same every month unless a need to change the day or time for an exceptional reason.)


Placing Your Order: 

Orders are placed directly with Raaw Energy. 

Order 7 days in advance of the delivery

Please include your phone number. 


- Paying For Your Order: 

Payment is made for food and delivery costs are directly to Raaw Energy

Food will NOT be delivered if not paid for in advance.




-  Once the food is dropped off for a co-op, it is NOT Raaw Energys responsibility.  

You will be required to pick up your food at the specified date/time.

 Any product discrepancies need to be resolved between the purchaser and Raaw Energy on delivery day.

Directions and Special requests, please contact your Co-Op leader.



- On occasion we may run out of an item we would do our best to notify you and ask you for a second choice.

- Make it right guarantee :  

We will make it right for any, and all issues.   

You always have a choice with Raaw Energy,

You can either return an item next delivery for full credit or not accept it on delivery for a full credit.


Before picking up food 

Please call and check our 24/7 automated

information Hot line to see if we are open



Hours of operation


Monday -Saturday 

         8am    -    3:30pm              

Sun Closed



American Bully

PayPal Acceptance Mark 

 Installment plans can be a great way for almost anyone to borrow from Raaw Energy, not the bank.

We can customize these payment plans "made for you" Just send us

your order. I will send your total. Make sure you let me know if your order is for a co-op.

 Once completed I post your payment plan on my web site Place your order via e-mail please.